Sunday, May 15, 2011


A few hours ago, Sony announced the launch of PSN once more. That's correct my friends, PSN is finally coming back up. The online services of PSN and Qriocity are first starting up again in some states of the US and in some countries. Not all countries have PSN up yet (Like South Africa for instance - Damnit), but it will be up soon, so not to worry fellow LaGers.

Though PSN is coming back up, not all their services will be up yet. The majority of their services will be up, but some like Playstation Store will still be down for a little while.

The coming of PSN does have some tweeks, such as an improved security system and a requirement to change your PSN password. There is a system update that will improve security of your PS3, so i recommend you download it asap.

Here are the statements released by SCE.

I'll hopefully see you guys online soon.



  1. This is great news. Despite it being necessary for security reasons, I bet many gamers aren't too happy about yet another firmware update.

  2. Who wants to lay odds on how fast it goes down again

  3. Great news. Nice post.

  4. well, I got the update, changed my password and the damn thing STILL won't log in!

  5. finally some good news!

  6. Its going to be a loooong time before Sony regains the trust of consumers though. Personally, I don't play online on any console, & this doesn't encourage me to start.

  7. very good news its back up! hope nothing will go wrong this time

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  8. Welcome back to the online gaming world PSN. It's been awhile haha.