Friday, March 4, 2011

Killzone 3 (Online Masterpiece)

Ok, time for the Killzone 3 post(finally -.-). I'm going to make this post mostly about the online multiplayer because.. well.. I haven't really been playing the campaign >.< What I have been playing of the campaign is the splitscreen(only play it when my best bro comes over). So lets get this puppy started.

Online multiplayer: DROOL***. That's all i have to say.

Just kidding. I have tons to day about the online modes. Like most FPS games (if not, all), people go ape when there's a multiplayer. Especially when its a big franchise like CoD, Killzone, or Halo. The Killzone 3 online is currently raping the psn online. Almost all of my friends on PSN stopped playing Black Ops to play KZ3, which I personally think is pretty cool, and says a lot about both Killzone and CoD: Black Ops.

When I ask people which is better between Black Ops and KZ3, the vote is Unanimous. All prefer KZ3. Reason? Well, most say "Dude, those killstreak rewards are complete crap". I myself don't have a real issue with them. Actually, i enjoy them from time to time. But they are insanely overpowered and make the game unenjoyable at times. For instance: if one guy in a match gets attack chopper and dogs, chopper gunner and dogs, gunship and dogs, basically anything with dogs (or just dogs in general), the match is pretty much over. Getting those killstreaks in a match isn't even a problem for most. And the fact you can get any killstreak in a care package (5 killstreak, or 4 with hardline) is just insane. Killzone 3: not overpowered killstreaks at all. Just killing n00bs with pure skill.

The gameplay(as i said in a previous post) is just amazing. The controls are really responsive and the gameplay just flows, without much lag or anything of that sort. The layout of the buttons are really cool, and they feel very familiar if you come from another FPS. So you don;t have to re-learn controls. You can just get in there and play. I haven't really tried playing with the move. I think that playing online will be more comfortable with the actual dualshock controller. I'll give the move controller a whirl when i decide to play the campaign in single player.

Graphics: amazing. These graphics are really at the top of the FPS franchise. It's the best looking FPS I've ever played. It's much better than KZ2's graphics and Black Ops'. MUCH better. The environment and scenery of this game is just great. From the jungle to the war-torn cities, you feel as if you're actually submerged in these environments and never want to leave these beautiful areas. The graphics really make the online maps a pleasure to play.
Like I said earlier, I haven't played much of the campaign, except for the split-screen. What little I've played has been pleasing so far. The characters(some, not all) fit really well into the story and scenery. I think the character of Stahl is the perfect antagonist. His cold sense and way of doing things just fits with his look. His voice actor is by far one of the best I've ever heard. An award is needed for his voice acting.

From most reviews, they say the story is bad. I disagree. Though it's not the best story in the world, I still find it enjoyable and fitting for the kind of game it is. It's an action-packed game and isn't supposed to be one of the story-driven RPG's we all love. I'm not going to spoil anything from the story, so I'm just saying it's decent.

Killzone 3 is really action-packed and really fun to play. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Baka  Approval Rating (BAR): 8.7/10

Well, I'm off to eat some breakfast and do some dreaded homework. Wish me luck!



  1. Now you have me all excited to play it! Thanks for the review :)

  2. I wish I would have a PS3

  3. Not much of an fps on console sort of guy. Nothing beats a good keyboard and mouse.

  4. I only ever played killzone 1 on the ps2, is it worth me getting the other 2?

  5. It looks so nice. The graphics i mean, the gameplay i heard was alright, but not the best compared to COD and whatnot.

  6. i recommend getting the other 2. And i'm kinda liking this one more than black ops right now. and as a console gamer, i just feel at home with my dualshock 3 in my hands ^^


  7. I need Killzone 3 NOW....and several spare hours to play it

  8. I may have to get Killzone 3 after reading this!

  9. I've watched some videos of the multiplayer and it looks really awesome, thanks for the review.

  10. this game does look killer lol

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  11. Love this game! Check out my blog!

  12. good grafix, but i prefer gameplay.