Monday, March 7, 2011

Going to dread tomorrow

Man, I'm starting to think i took on too much this year. Tomorrow I've got to go to school at 7am and I'm staying there till 9pm. Reason? I've got to do this english olympiad thing directly after school (like an exam for prizes. Yes, I'm a nerd >.<), and i end that at about 5pm. After that I've got music at 6pm. To avoid having my dad drive me too and fro within the time span of an hour, I'm going to stay at school till 6pm. At around 19:30, I have to go to a maths course until about 9pm.

I'm really starting to dread tomorrow :( so no posts tomorrow unfortunately. I'll post again asap.

Time to get the flasks of coffee ready!



  1. That sounds like a lot to do, but you'll get through it, never doubt yourself and drink lots of water!

  2. good luck that sounds like murder

  3. make sure you sleep enough and eat well. or you will get sick if you keep having such long days :O

  4. Damn, good look I go to school from 7AM to 2PM and I work from 4PM to 11PM :P

  5. Wow, that sounded like a busy day. I hope you got through without any problems!

  6. Busy schedule! I do pretty much the same thing most days, but I have university then work.