Friday, March 4, 2011

Finally Weekend!

Ah yes, the 2 days of salvation and relaxation has finally reached us. It's time to take a break from all this homework, school, studying, and time to just post on my blog and rest a little.

The date last night went really well. I'm pleasantly surprised to see how many people are commenting and looking forward to my next blog posts^^ Thanks loads guys. I'm going to make today's post a double feature. This post right here, and one about Killzone 3.

Oh yes. I do check my comments before I moderate people. And i deliver on requests if I see it's ok :P

To start: yes Layman, I have a girlfriend -.-"

I think it's necessary to do some homework because it helps you learn and I really want to get into a good university, so yeah. And this homework that i got actually counts marks, so i better not mess around.

And to another request, I'm sure you're all curious about this "girlfriend" I'm talking about. So I'm going to post a picture that was taken at last week's ball.

My girlfriend and I
Well, I'm going to start on my Killzone 3 post. Keep on LaGing!



  1. nice, have a good weekend

    also your left AD is not compiling correctly just an fyi

  2. You guys look happy together.

  3. thanks guys^^

    haha, we are happy together^^ and i agree she's beautiful and cute as they can come ^^