Monday, July 4, 2011

Report about yesterday

I apologize for not making that post yesterday, but I was REALLY lazy. My girlfriend came back from Europe yesterday, so I was talking to her for most of the day.

ANYWAYS, yesterday's power-outage was big. It was the whole northern side of my town that was experiencing it and it was really long. It lasted from 08:00 till 17:35. I'm not even kidding, it lasted NINE HOURS! The amount of boredom I experienced was immense. I played a game of solitare and then attempted to nap, but to no avail. I played Final Fantasy IV (great game btw) on my DS until my battery died. Then I just laid in bed and spoke to my woman on my phone until the power came back on.

I really don't know why it was off, or why it was for so long. All I can say is: "Thank the f***ing Lord"



  1. Seems like a bad day...

  2. wow europe, she's lucky.

  3. Yeah it was storming bad where I lived too, lots of small outages but luckily it never stayed out.

  4. my house was snowed in so bad this last winter we didnt have power for 3 days. talk about boring and cold!

  5. haha you dont need to apologize for that!

  6. That sounds awful. Oddly, the first thing I worry about is my Fridge. Since food is perishable, that's always my first worry.