Saturday, June 25, 2011

Fun and creepy at the same time. Alice: Madness Return

I started playing both Alice and Madness returns, and I must say that both are really fun indeed. This isn't really a review, but rather just my thoughts so far on the games.

Alice in Hysteria Mode. (Alice: Madness Returns)
Both are really creepy and eerily beautiful, especially Madness Returns. I really like McGee's vision of wonderland and how he put it into the games. The games change wonderland from a curious, happy place to a nightmarish hell. I like how he used the change of wonderland for Alice's own psych. From her happy childhood, to her now cynical, twisted mind caused by the death of her parents.

Alice: Madness returns is really interesting and a definite pick-up. Mainly for 2 reasons.
Alice in 'demon form'. (American Mcgee's Alice)

1. It's a creepy freaking Wonderland!
2. You get the download-code for the original Alice. (Basically you're buying 2 awesome games for the price of one)

I highly recommend that everyone check this out. Don;t even wait for it to hit the bargain bin, get it now :P



  1. this looks awesome I didnt know there was an alice game!

  2. The screenshot is ugly, I hope the game has better graphics !

  3. This game does look interesting. I never got to try the first one.

  4. I never got to play the original one. It sounds like it aged well.

  5. It looks creepy, I'll check it out.

  6. My friend won't stop talking about these, he bought them on release day and hasn't stopped playing.

  7. looks like a creepy game.

  8. I have so much nostalgia for the the first Alice game! I have an Alice & a Cheshire Cat figure in storage as well. I wish my laptop didn't suck so hard.