Friday, May 6, 2011

So PSN is still down

Yep.. This sucks some major ass, by hey. lets just hope it comes up soon.

I'm starting to miss playing online with my friends and messaging some of my online friends. I really hope Sony manages to fix it asap so i can get back to jamming online and having some fun by killing n00bs on Killzone.

Anyway, back to my hopes of game development. I found quite a few jobs here, and they all seem pretty decent, but one stands out. The team Luma Arcade(the company that brought the game Flipt to the iPhone and also the game Marble Blast) is a very successful company it seems. They are the ones who brought The Harvest to Windows Phone 7. The best part about it? They're a company situated in South Africa, a city not too far from where I live. I sent them an email to see if it was alright if i saw how the game development environment was and how it functions as a whole to make awesome games. So far my parents say i can go check what's up there, but I'm hoping when i'm done with my studies, to work there one day.

Here's the link to Luma Arcade's website. Be sure to check it out

I'll keep you posted about the reply email and if i can go.

Keep LaGing



  1. Good job finding one! I hope they reply :)

  2. Sucks to be sony.... costumer.

  3. Swore I would get a PS3 the first time my Xbox red ringed.

    All these years later, still no need for a PS3.

  4. I'm kinda shocked Sony hasn't fixed this yet?

  5. i though they already fixed it

  6. That's great, hope you learn a lot from your tour

  7. Hot dog man. good work on finding a company that you would like to work for. I wish you luck in getting hired there if you like it!

  8. Yeah, Sony really f***ed up with this one... Thank goodness they're offering the $1 million identity theft insurance. Hope it's back up ASAP.