Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Sorry for not posting yesterday guys. I got home at 9 from school last night and did homework till about 11. Not the most fun I've ever had, but hey. I'll try to post everyday while i still got school going.

Anyway, today I was doing the final touches for my applications for university and what not, but there is a "tiny" problem I'm going to have. My parents are still under the impression I'm going to choose medicine if i get in for IT and medical. I've made up my mind, yes, but I haven't exactly told them. Now I'm minutes away from having maybe one of the most nerve wrecking discussions with my parents in my life. I have absolutely no idea what they'll say, if they approve or if they reject it. I know that my brothers (both in their 30's) had the same experience of being "forced" into medicine then changing their minds, that didn't end too well for them. Like overreactions from the parent's side, but it's really bad, but i won't go into detail.

So all I can basically do is just hope for the best and get it over with while I'm ahead.

Wish me luck guys



  1. Just get the reaction thing over with. When I changed my double major to a single major and a minor to focus on research, my parents were pissed, but they get over it faster when you tell them sooner.

  2. gotta do what you thinks best.

  3. Wow, this is a big thing. We'll be here waiting for the results, good luck to you man!

  4. Good luck, but believe me your parents wish only the best for you!

  5. Lol I've heard some stories about people going in for medical school interviews and saying "I don't want to be here but my parents made me" lol

  6. Hey! Good luck talking to your parents and stuff! I totally understand. My mum tried and push me to be in Medicine all throughout high school. I ended up breaking down and crying and my mum realised pushing me to do something I wasn't interested in was a bad idea.

    Don't worry, once you tell your parents, they might be angry at first, but they'll learn to accept it in the end.

  7. all i can say is do what you feel is right im sure after awhile your parents will understand id tell them before they spend any money cause they just might kill you and let them now technology is the future and you want to operate on computers and not humans and that you cant handle the blood scene