Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tomorrow's the big day (Woohoo, Killzone 3 is upon us!)

Guys, i just simply can't wait for tomorrow. Not only because of the nearing of the weekend(finally), But because of the release of an awesome game that shall be enjoyed by millions! KILLZONE 3!

I already have my collector's edition pre-ordered. Alas, I can't afford the awesomeness of the Heilgast Edition and buy Dragon Age 2, so I have to compromise. I can't wait to splatter some blood and shoot some n00bs up in online, but with my schedule, I can only play on Saturday morning. I'm going to a ball with my girlfriend on Saturday night and my Friday is booked off, so yeah.

I'll try to find ways to play, but it'll be hard to tell you guys when. I'll let you know when I can asap. I'll post a proper blog up again soon, so stick around and keep checking up on my blog for more posts! Game on!



  1. Im not too stoked about KZ3, looks like it has a lot of hype though!

  2. Sounds awesome dude, have fun :]

  3. YES! MOTHERFUCKING YES! been waiting for this.