Thursday, February 10, 2011

Staying at home

I love my school sometimes. The "academic facility" that is my school seems to like their sports very very much. Almost every Friday they go out of town to compete is some or other sports activity with other schools in other towns.

Generally, I'm against this because it wastes a lot of our learning time, and I'm a senior so i kinda need good marks to get into a good university.

BUUUUUUT... I'm not complaining now. Our "College/Grey Fridays" (as we call it) give us a half day at school. Meaning: leaving early, having shorter periods, and most teachers not being there. Most of us don't even bother to go because we'll do at home what we're going to do at school on these Fridays. NOTHING.

So this Friday, I'm taking full advantage (as I always am one to do), and sleeping late, waking up late, walk around in absolutely nothing but my boxers, and the general gaming. I've got CoD: Black Ops, Killzone 3 beta, and some old-school Final Fantasy (probably 8) lined up for today. I'll post how this day went a little later.



  1. i use to skip all the time like i missed 3 months of school

  2. I would have a great time just with Final Fantasy.

  3. school sucks!happy im on college now

  4. Final fantasy is always fun, I'm glad I don't have school on fridays though, long weekends ftw.