Friday, February 11, 2011

Pretty Cool Day

As you guys know, i've had today off school and i spent the day gaming and just chilling.

Well, here's a little bit of what i gotta say.

Killzone 3 beta kicked ass as always, i'm loving the classes and the mechanics in general. Sure, the knifing might be a bit frustrating because it takes so long. But i think it's a good change of pace. The fact that your team mate can save you while the enemy is grabbing you by the neck and about to knife you, is pretty cool in my opinion. Yes, it's not the same as the whole CoD "OMG I CAN KNIFE YOUZ FROM A METER AWAY! I HAZ SKILLZ! LOOOOOOOL", but i think it's a good thing it's not the same.

Aside from the knifing, i have a slight problem. I've been playing with the marksman class a bit and noticed how long i went without dying and such a high killstreak. This is just the over-poweredness that is the marksman. The fact that you can get a 1-shot 1-kill sniper-rifle and be invisible (Literally transparent) is just a bit OP in my opinion. But it's still beta, so hopefully Guerrilla will balance out the classes a bit better. But that doesn't stop me from playing marksman :P i love that class :P

All in all it was a pretty cool day. Now to sleep and see what tomorrow has in store for me.



  1. hmm might get into killzone 3 now :O

  2. i never got into it.. but reviews always make me think differently nice