Saturday, May 28, 2011

Started learning

So I found my mac installation disk yesterday and put Xcode on my computer. If I must say so myself, coding on Xcode isn't all that bad, though I do agree with most of the comments, that i should get a windows and code on there. But worry not! I'm saving up for a sweet gaming PC and I'll get one hopefully before the year ends.

I started with some simple programs using the various guides that I have(like making a 10x10 block of X's and the famous "Hello, World".). I find this to be extremely fun and I can really see myself coding in the future. Now i just gotta keep at it and make sure i don't slack off >.< That's why I'm saving the actual practice for the holidays.

As for gaming: I'm nearly done with Duke 3d. I would've played more, but I've been quite busy during the week. I'll try finishing it this weekend, but I do have a project to finish and whatnot.

I'll keep you posted how my day goes and if I finally finish Duke 3d.



  1. Is that really the menu screen for Duke 3D? It fills me with nostalgia for an arcade cabinet. lol

  2. love the duke! :) shake it baby! :)

  3. very nice! keep us updated!!

  4. hahaha cool dude male a Duke nukem and push it out before the Actual game hits stores, im beginning to think that the real game will never get made...

  5. When does the new duke nukem come out?

  6. duke 3d was amazing, can't wait for the new duke nukem game