Sunday, March 13, 2011

Oh Nostalgia

As time progresses and as we grow into our current age, we tend to sometimes forget the past and what made our childhood's oh so joyful. Those certain television shows, a song, or even games from our consoles or PC's. These are the things that made our childhoods and defined it, and I find it a pity the youth of today doesn't have the chance to grow up with this. These games of greatness and amazingly fun memories: I think it's time to reflect on a few.

Ah, I remember those Sunday afternoons. Curled up in front of the TV with my older brother, playing games together or taking turns while eating a bowl of candy and chips. Those were definitely the good old days. When I remember games like Oddworld: Abe's Odysee, Crash Bandicoot 3, Tombi (Tomba in the US) and other awesome games, I remember those days. Now my Sundays are filled with the euphoria of homework, stress and sleep. I just miss those good old days.

Think back to your childhood, the games you used to play. It could've been the sword-slashing of the Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time, the fighting of Tekken 3, or even just the platforming of other games. One of my personal favourites was the Toy Story 2 game for PlayStation 1. Though I was like 8 at the time, I still enjoyed it loads. Other game's like Abe's Odysee or Abe's Exoddus, I remember how I used to use the magic Abe had to possess other aliens so he could free his race. Or Hearts of Darkness, another amazing game that used to scare the piss out of me. All these games helped me to become the person I am today, and I want to remember and play them again so I can remember the good old days.

Playing or even just thinking about these games a few days back made me tear up and weep like a baby. I hope this post made you guys think about your childhood gaming, at least just a little bit to remember the good times.

Keep on gaming guys. I'm off to download Abe's Odysee on PSN.



  1. i miss playstation one so much

  2. Ah, nostalgia... You've definitely got me remembering old times. I think I might actually blog about something soon that brings me back.
    Good post.

  3. Game devs need to look back at the old games and figure out where the magic was.
    These days we only get sequels, no new IP's.

  4. ah nostalgia! Followed!

  5. I had the tomba demo :)

  6. Tomba! was the best, i totally forgot about that game.

  7. Its more about money now than before. Small companies that took off because of that one gem wouldnt stand a chance now days.