Friday, February 25, 2011

Dragon Age II awesomeness

Sorry for not posting yesterday guys. I was at my best friend's party and was extremely tired when i got home. Please excuse me :( I came here asap to make my promised report on Dragon Age II's demo.

To start off. I just gotta say this. IT'S SO AWESOME!!!!!

That said, let me actually start.

Upon the download, I had pretty high expectations for the game. Not as high as i had for the game, because, well... it's just the demo. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the demo. It passed my expectations for the full game itself. It's just that amazing.

In the demo you play the first part of the game (the epic introduction) and a part a little bit further passed the introduction. When you start up the new game and select your class and gender(unfortunately not your race. Human is the default), you're welcomed by a cutscene that throws you into confusion and interrogation. A flashback of note takes place as the narrator tells the story of "The Champion of Kirkwall". This is where you actually start playing and witness the awesome gameplay.

I only had time to play through as a mage(unfortunately), but I shall play through as the rogue or warrior soon. The gameplay has changed drastically, but for the better. It's more action-packed and fast paced than in Origins. The "auto-attack" has been taken out of the game, so you're going to have to spam attack if you want to attack. But with the vast array of spells and skills you're going to be using, you wont even be thinking about just normal attacking. The spells themselves look 10 times more amazing than in origins, and they actually look like they hurt (one problem i had with Origins is that the spells didn't look brutal enough).

The visuals themselves are just simply amazing. The updated graphics are really pleasant to look at.

Another implementation was the dialogue wheel from the Mass Effect series. It's a nice change from the mute character to the new fully voiced character of Hawke. The only problem I have with it is that the wheel will tell you the effect of the options you select through images appearing in the middle. For instance the "good" choice will be a picture of wings and a halo. I would much prefer that the images were removed and the choices of the dialogue wheel were completely random (like the good choice would be different each time instead of constantly being on the top right of the wheel). But that won't irritate enough to ruin the epic game.

All-in-all, the DA2 demo is fun and you should download it if you want to try out DA2 before the release. It'll wet the appetite and keep you stable till the actual release. This demo will definitely persuade you into pre-ordering. So check out the demo guys. And have fun with it as much as i did.

I'm off to play some Killzone 3 now(yes, finally got it!). I'll see you guys online.



  1. Good post, I'm definitely excited about Dragon Age 2 now.

  2. hopefully its better than the first one

  3. Just recently, perhaps <2 weeks ago I started playing DA:O for the first time (on pc). Which in turn got me into reading about DA2. Now I have to say I've been really enjoying DA:O and it's a shame I only just started playing a few weeks ago.

    So, naturally I downloaded the DA2 demo off of steam and I did enjoy it but I felt it had been "consolized", and that appears to be true. There is a lot more to gain by targeting console gaming but it's a shame there's no more tactical view and I agree with the dialogue wheel/mute character and the visual improvement of spells . It looks like a fantastic game and I also can't wait to play it.

    Great post.

  4. I didn't like the first but I'll give the second one a try

  5. LOVED the first, excited as super butts for the second!