Friday, February 18, 2011

Demon's Souls (Big Bosses for a HUGE challenge)

Aloha fellow LaGers. Baka in again. Sorry for not posting anything worth reading for the past 2 days, I was quite busy with a few things like school and gala's and such. But now i have returned from my life to write a little review of one of the most difficult games I've ever played, Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls is a great game. Awesome scary looking environments, well matched sounds and music for said environments, a character customization that's really vast, challenging bosses and a great control system. When i say challenging, i mean REALLY challenging. It's not the kind of difficult where "The game cheats" or because of various bugs. Its challenges lie in the learning of the maps and the positioning of enemies. The unique tactics each enemy has to defeat it and also the hidden environmental fatalities that awaits. Trust me, when I say that this game is challenging, I mean it is not for the faint hearted, nor the short tempered. Anyone who has played this game has told you. I've played till the point of complete frustration which resulted me in taking a break before being called back by the challenges that await. I must say, when accomplishing something in this game, you really feel like you've accomplished a goal that you've tried for your whole life.

Big Boss with Huge Shield (Tower Knight)
A part to the difficulty, is that it doesn't just feel difficult. It LOOKS difficult too. Some of the bosses of this game just look hard as hell to kill. And trust me, they are. Some look like a badass monster of death that could kill you in a single hit, and the chances are: it probably could do just that. When you kill them you feel like such a hero. It's not just looks too, it's size. How much of a hero would you feel like if you killed a monster that's the size of a 3 story building, especially if it's a tough mo-fo to kill. I'm not exaggerating about the sizes either. They're as big as my girlfriend's boobs >.< And believe me, that's pretty big. The Tower Knight boss comes to mind when talking about big badass bosses. Trust in Baka's word, they definitely WILL intimidate you.(Not to worry, I was the first time too to be honest >.<)

As for story: there isn't really much of a story to go on. It's your typical "Diablo" story. You know, the kind that's compared to watching porn for dialogue. It's just non-sensible to play Demon's Souls just for story alone. It's not Final Fantasy here. Demon's Souls is made more for an action packed rpg-type gameplay (which works pretty well). The story is: The Old One has awakened from his long slumber and has called upon a great fog to come down upon the land of Boletaria. You are a warrior, wanting to gain fame by being the one who destroys the Old One.
Basically: Badass demon-> kill it.

Besides the big bosses, huge challenges and all round awesomeness, Demon's Souls also has an online multiplayer capability through using PSN. This must be one of the most unique multiplayer feature's I've ever seen. It's not the simple "Do you want to invite So-and-So to your party?" or anything like that. No no, not at all. This game has a weird yet magical way of doing things. Here, you remain in your own "world" completely. No one to be seen except a few "phantoms" running around which are actually other players online. This adds to the scariness in a sense. There will be messages left on the floor that other players leave to either warn of enemies ahead, warn of obstacles ahead, or lead you to your ultimate doom. This is a cool way of communications with a fixed-text system. Another cool feature is the "bloodstain phantom". When you die, you leave a bloodstain behind. When others click on your bloodstain, they can see how you died, which can help others think out tactics or determine what kind of enemies are next, or well, "what not to do". Players can also lay down a Blue-eye Stone which other players can summon the person who laid down the stone. This adds a nice sense of co-op to the trials of Boletaria, though only 2 other players can be summoned into your world.

Demon's Souls is a challenging, yet fun and generally awesome game. A definite pickup to the most hardcore of gamers. To casual gamers, I do not recommend this game, as it's really really difficult and not the kind of game a casual gamer would play.

With good music and sounds, good environments, great gameplay, difficulty levels that will cause an addiction, and story that thrusts you into a battle of demons and nothing more, I would say this game is a must buy to lovers of RPG's and hardcore gamer's alike

Baka Approval Rating (BAR): 9.0/10

Happy demon-slaying all. Have a good one. Stay healthy and look forward to more posts!



  1. This game definitely looks like a challenge and I'm in need of a new game to play. This might just be it.

  2. Been trying to get into this game, but did something increadibly stupid recently. I killed the merchant. I didn't think the game would let you do that! I guess I need to start up a new game.

  3. Long-time lurker, first time poster. Keep up the good work Gov'na!

  4. Why is there not pc version of this game! >.<

  5. That Tower Knight looks fucking beast. Good post man.

  6. Looks good, I've heard a lot about this game.

  7. This game looks sooo sick but I think Im too stuck on mmos to get into it.

  8. This looks bloody awesome

  9. I never got past the first stages of this game. It's so goddamn frustrating at times!

  10. This game looks really interesting.

  11. Damn this looks amazing, too bad I don't ave PS3. Agreed with Joefiss, pc version needed.

  12. It annoys me to hell there isn't a pc version of this game. I have a ps3 and all, but I really prefer pc for this type of gameplay. Fantastic review though, really made me want to play it.